Duck Dish

Duck Breasts with Rosy Red Sauce


4 Duckling Breasts HOT SMOKED or Raw Salt
For The Sauce:
350gm Rhubarb cut into 1cm pieces
30gm Demerara Sugar
225gm Cranberries
80gm Cranberry Sauce
275mls Water


Preheat the oven to 400F. Trim the excess fat off the Duck. Cook for 25mins on a trivet to crisp the skin. (Simply place under grill for a few minutes for the Hot Smoked Product).

Whilst the Duck is cooking prepare the sauce.

Place the Rhubarb, Cranberries, Water and sugar in a saucepan and poach until soft.
Add the cranberry sauce and stir until it has dissolved. Serve hot with sliced fillets.